French Polynesia

- South Pacific -

Come and discover French Polynesia and its paradisiacal landscapes, as far as the eye can see the islands will enchant you.


Include French Polynesia in your very own tailor-made tour with Bellarome

- The popular locations of French Polynesia -

French Polynesia is an overseas collectivity attached to the French Republic located in the south of the Pacific Ocean. Polynesia is composed of five archipelagos grouping 118 islands of which 76 are inhabited. Its main industry, tourism, is based on the exceptional natural and cultural heritage of the French Polynesian islands. The most famous islands of French Polynesia are Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea. The official language spoken is French, but there are many other regional languages such as Tahitian, Marquisian, or Paumotu.



The climate is beautifully tropical but can be humid, with a hot season and a cooler season it is a holiday destination all year round. Polynesia has an impressive marine biodiversity, much of the fauna and flora are highly protected and cannot be found anywhere else on earth. On the islands you will find the tiara flower which is a symbol of Polynesia.

The main activities on the islands are pearl farming, vanilla production, and fishing, all of which play an interesting part in its tourism experience.


The capital of French Polynesia is Pape’ete, which is located on the island of Tahiti and is home to the main institutions of the collectivity. It is also where many tourists arrive when they come to French Polynesia.

- Things to do in French Polynesia -

In French Polynesia, there are many activities to discover. You can go hiking and enjoy the diversity of the flora and fauna with local guides full of extraordinary knowledge.

In these nature-filled islands, you can visit the beautiful coastlines on-board a boat, a catamaran, a transparent kayak or in an authentic pirogue. One of the most popular activities is to indulge the ocean and dive down to find the magnificent marine species that surround French Polynesia. You are likely to find whales, rays, turtles, and beautiful dolphins. The clear water and white sand will amaze you and enchant you under the spell of the beautiful lagoons and palm-lined coastlines that the make up the islands.


You will also have the chance to get up high on foot or in a vehicle, to discover the heights of the islands, across its craters and ancient volcanoes.

In the evening, you can enjoy a traditional dance performance by Vahine dancers and taste the traditional Polynesian food.

Between sea and mountains, no landscape is more beautiful than that of French Polynesia. With Bellarome, come and live a waking dream and discover these majestic islands full of secrets. Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, these are waiting for you, as are the smaller, more intimite experiences hidden away on the smaller islands. Come and relax in the crystal-clear waters that Polynesia has to offer.


Your holiday will be an opportunity to try new experiences, boat trips, kayaking or canoeing. Why not try snorkelling, diving and exploring the life-rich seabeds. Taste the traditional Polynesian recipes, all to the soundtrack of traditional music and the waves on the shore.

Rest in one of the many luxurious, well-equipped hotels we offer, with a direct view of the sea.


There are many great experiences to be had when visiting Polynesia. A hike in a more than idyllic setting, an exploration of the seabed, the discovery of the fauna and flora, Polynesia offers opportunities found nowhere else on Earth.

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